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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Jonathan Friedman

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Photo of a young man smiling at the camera. Text reads Bundle Buzz Podcast Guest - Jonathan Friedman Entrepreneur and Mental Health Advocate. Next to Jonathan's photo is a photo of two youung women holding a Bundle board game. Below the photo text reads Hosted by: Jackie & Cassie Collier.
We had a blast with fellow entrepreneur Jonathan Friedman!

We love meeting fellow entrepreneurs. We are on such a unique journey and it is very helpful to have someone to commiserate about the lows and celebrate the highs. Jonathan Friedman is the founder of The Journal That Talks Back, a service that provides accessible coaching for young professionals and university students. Jonathan was a fantastic guest for episode 11 of Bundle Buzz Podcast. He shared openly about his mental health journey and about starting his company, The Journal That Talks Back. We bonded with Justin because his company is also a family business - he works with his stepmom! Growing up with all of the negative stereotypes of wicked stepmoms, it was nice to meet someone who gets along so well with his!

A  drawing of two men under the title "Character Coaching: A Production of the Journal That Talks Back"
Podcast with your favorite Jonathans

Jonathan is also very creative in other ways. We loved having him as a guest on Bundle Buzz Podcast, but he is no stranger to podcasting. He and his friend Jonathan (they call themselves "The Jonathans") host a podcast called Character Coaching where they coach your favorite characters live through their journal entries. Some of our favorites include Captain Marvel and Walter White. It is such a unique podcast and a lot of fun!

Jonathan is also in a band with an extremely unique name, but to get the scoop on that, you will have to listen to his full episode of Bundle Buzz. We are so grateful for the work that he is doing in the mental health community and that he took the time to come and chat with us on Bundle Buzz!


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