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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Sasha DiGiulian

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Photo of a young woman smiling at the camera, She is wearing a blue tank top and a hat that says Red Bull on it. Text reads "Bundle Buzz Podcast Guest Sasha DiGiulian, Professional Rock Climber."  There is a small photo of two women holding a Bundle game. Under the photo the text reads. "Hosted by: Jackie & Cassie Collier."
Sasha was the perfect way to end Season 1!

Sasha DiGiulian is a living legend. We have had a blast doing this season of our limited edition podcast, Bundle Buzz. We have talked to such a diverse and fascinating group of people and we feel grateful that our guests were so open to sharing their experiences with us. Sasha is a professional rock climber and has lived a life of adventure. If you want to hear all the details of her escapades, you can listen to our episode of Bundle Buzz here.

Photo of three women all in climbing gear smiling big for the camera.
Sasha with fellow climbers Brette Harrington and Matilda Soderlund.

One of Sasha's most epic adventures is when she completed the first female ascent of RAYU with two incredible climbers and friends, Brette Harrington and Matilda Soderlund. In Sasha's episode of Bundle Buzz, she details how each of the women took on various roles throughout their climb.

Sasha also talks about being an adventure athlete and how it was difficult for her to find nutritious and delicious power bars on the market. Sasha solved this problem by developing and making her own bars. Send Bars are made fresh with the highest quality superfoods, adaptogens, functional mushrooms and greens. Sasha has enjoyed the entrepreneurial aspect of her journey and is excited for more people to experience all of the goodness of Send Bars! If you want to try Send Bars, you can order here and use the code SASHAFAM for a discount!

Photo of a young woman rock climbing. She is holding up her fingers and a few of them are bleeding. She looks fierce and determined.
Climbing isn't for the faint of heart

Sasha has had many accomplishments in her young life. but one of the things she was most excited about when we talked with her on Bundle Buzz was securing tickets to Taylor Swift's upcoming tour. Due to the Ticketmaster debacle, securing the tickets was no easy feat, but as a passionate Swiftie, Sasha felt very lucky that she was able to make it happen. On our episode of Bundle Buzz, Sasha shares her favorite Taylor Swift song and talks about their parallel lives.

We have had such an amazing time with our guests on Bundle Buzz - thank you so much for listening! If listening has left you inspired and wanting a personalized game of your own, click here to order a custom game in time for the holiday season!


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