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Baby Bundle of Joy!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Photo of a newborn's feet with two pairs of hands forming a heart around them. There is a purple Bundle border around the photo.
Little Bundle of Joy!

We love making personalized board games to celebrate all of the special occasions in our Bundlers' lives. One of the most exciting celebrations is welcoming a new baby into a family, so celebrating with a Bundle of Joy is an ideal way to commemorate this special event. Baby registries are great to gift new parents the essential items, but giving parents a custom board game to celebrate all the memories, traditions, and inside jokes in their journey to parenthood is an unexpected and unique gift.

Photo of a Bundle game in a basket with blue and white balloons attached to it.
Balloons + Bundle = Perfect Combination

Your Baby Bundle will have 83 personalized cards all about the baby and their family. To order, click here and fill out our Bundle Blueprint, a series of questions so we can make an ultra personalized game for you to gift. You can also include photos for us to include in your Baby Bundle so it can be a keepsake. Cards for the Baby Bundle can include "Name 4 names that you were considering for the baby," a Challenge card that reads, "You are running late for a baby shower. Using items only found in the room, you have 60 seconds to assemble the perfect gift," and an Act It Out Card that says "Changing a Diaper." Better to act it out charades style than actually have to do it, right?

Photo of a young woman smiling and wearing a bright pink sweatshirt. She is holding a book called A Pigeon in Paris: Petite Takes Flight.
The most delightful children's book!

Books pair great with board games and if you're looking for another gift for parents, we love the book A Pigeon in Paris Petite Takes Flight! This lovely children's book is sweet and inspiring and written by one of our dear friends, Paige Howard. Paige and her husband Tim were guests on episode 3 of Bundle Buzz podcast and we had an absolute blast talking to them.

A Pigeon in Paris is the story of a mother pigeon who lands in Paris, lays her eggs, and has three baby birds who hatch. Petite watches her brother and sister fly out of the nest, but she is too anxious to try until she receives the encouragement from her family. If you want to share this inspiring story with the kids in your life (with beautiful illustrations by Joanie Stone) click here to order your copy.

The stork will happily bring you a Baby Bundle and would love to see photos of you and your Bundle of Joy!


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