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Ben and Jen Tie the Knot!

Two photos side by side. The photo on the left is Jennifer Lopez smiling at the camera and wearing a beautiful white dress. The photo on the right is a selfie of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.
Happy Wedding Day to Ben and Jen!

Does the name Bennifer take you back to 2002 when life was a whole lot simpler? A lot of things have changed since then, but Ben and Jen's romance is back on and we are just as fascinated with this pairing as we were in 2002. Jen and Ben met on the set of the the box office flop Gigli. While the movie may not have been a success, the couple fell in love and got engaged. Unfortunately, due to "excessive media attention," Ben and Jen called off their wedding just days before the ceremony, but they always spoke highly of each other.

There is a photo of a Bundle game on a table. The text reads "Life celebrated, one Bundle at a time." There is a cupcake on a napkin and streamers on the table.
Play Couple Bundle at your next celebration!

A Couple Bundle is the perfect way to celebrate a couple's wedding day! Your favorite couple may not have as complicated of a history as Ben and Jen, but we are so excited to hear their stories! When you order a Couple Bundle you will get a link to our Bundle Blueprint, a questionnaire where you reveal all of your favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes. Plus, you can even include photos of the couple, so it makes the perfect keepsake.

There is a photo of a Bundle on a balcony with a bottle of champagne sitting next to it.
Cheers for Bundle!

Ben and Jen got engaged for the second time nearly two decades after their original engagement. Since their first engagement, they both went on to find love in other marriages and have children. Life is not always predictable but it is a lot of fun for our 2002 selves to see Ben and Jen reconnecting. While every couple may not have as many ups and downs as Ben and Jen, if you're looking for a perfect activity to enjoy with a couple you can play Couple Bundle to celebrate all of the most memorable times in their relationship.

We love making games for you and are thrilled that wedding season is here so we can celebrate all of our favorite love connections.


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