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Unique Wedding Gifts for Your Favorite Couple!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

unique wedding gifts for the couple the bundle game

Wedding season is here and this year is exciting because some weddings this year are able to be safely held in person. (Hello, shot girl summer!) Last year, the Covid bride club had to reschedule their weddings or figure out alternate ways of celebrating. Some of these celebrations ended up being really magical, but it is so exciting that we can slowly get back to celebrating weddings the way we used to - by drinking too much at the open bar and taking off our heels midway through the Electric Slide and not being able to locate them again (That's how everyone does it right?) Since we are experts at weddings we compiled 4 reasons why our custom board game is the perfect unique wedding gifts for the couple for this season.

ideas for unique wedding gifts the bundle game

You Can Take It Anywhere!

Look, we are board game lovers and encourage a wide variety of game play. However, whenever we were going on a trip we could never take our favorite games because they wouldn't fit comfortably into our suitcases. (That Monopoly box is not going to fit in the overnight bag.) With our personalized board games we have a soft bag and a cloth board that folds nearly inside so you can fit your Bundle anywhere.

personalized wedding gifts the bundle game

Ultra Personalized One of a Kind Gift

What do you get for the person that has everything? Well, we can bet that they don't have a personalized game all about their relationship. (And if they do, we can make them another one with 83 cards that are specifically designed for their wedding day!) The game will be filled with the couple's favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes so you will look like the best unique wedding gifts ideas giver ever. (You're welcome.) You can either fill out our Bundle Blueprint and share all your favorite stories of the couple, or you can gift them a Bundle game and they can fill out the Bundle Blueprint themselves if they are into the do it yourself board game vibes. If you are still shopping around for ideas for a wedding hashtag, check out #WeddingHashers - where youcan get your wedding hashtag written by a professional writer, not a generator. #awesomeidea

unique wedding gifts personalized the bundle game

It's a Beautiful Keepsake!

If you love a good photo book or collage but are looking for something a little different (maybe if you have cycled through enough Snapfish and Shutterfly gifts to last a lifetime), we include photos in our games. There's something about having your photo on a board game that feels like a bucket list item, right?

unique and romantic wedding gift the bundle game

Great Group Gift/ Something That's Not on the Registry

We love a good Zola registry and definitely want to give people what they want. But it's so exciting to give a couple a gift that they don't even realize that they want. (We promise you that they will be into it.) It's also a fun gift to give as a group. You can get multiple friends to fill out our Bundle Blueprint about your favorite couple so that lots of different perspectives are included in their game.

In the meantime, we need to know - what is the funniest name for a drink that you have heard at a wedding? Give us those signature cocktails!


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