Best Engagement Gifts for Your Favorite Couple

Love is in the air...and in our personalized board games.

Spring is here and that means it's proposal season. (And spring - bring on the light jackets and the ice cream!) In fact, March 20th was National Proposal Day, so congrats if you just got engaged or you know someone who did! It is a great time to start looking for engagement gifts that will let your favorite couple know how much you care about them or to express to the love of your life just how excited you are to be taking this next step with them.

Adventure Together!

This Adventure Together find on Etsy is perfect for the couple who met when they were traveling, like to pick up their backpacks and go on adventures, or grew up in different hometowns and now live in the dream city together. These are wonderfully customizable and the artist Amanda has multiple 5-star reviews saying how incredible she is to work with! You go, girl!

Let's Toast Candle

Cheers to the happy couple!

The Homesick Candle collection is perfect for these times when you are missing the people, places, and things that we used to be able to travel to on the regular! (And we will someday again!) In the meantime, these candles are a great way to transport ourselves. With this Let's Toast Candle, your favorite couple can celebrate their engagement while popping a bottle of bubbly and lighting their champagne-inspired candle.

Couple Bundle - Your Favorite Personalized Board Game for Your Favorite Couple

Celebrate good times, come on! ;)

Here at Bundle, you know we love our board games. What better way to celebrate your engagement than with a board game filled with all your favorite memories, inside jokes, and trivia about your history. If you want to buy our Couple Bundle for your significant other, we will send you our Bundle Blueprint so we can learn all the details (that you're willing to share!) about your relationship. You can also gift Bundle to your favorite couple - we can make our personalized board games from info that you share about them, or we can send them the Bundle Blueprint so they can get in on the fun directly.

We LOVE hearing proposal stories, so comment below with your favorite or the most memorable you've ever heard!

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