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Beyond the Bundle: Danielle's Birthday

There are four women playing Bundle. There is wine on the table and a box of cupcakes. They are all smiling and looking like they are having a great time.
Birthday Bundle Fun!

Who: Danielle, her best friends, and her sister, Michelle

Where: New York City

Bundle They Played : Birthday Bundle (personalized)

Bundle game on a table with gold streamers all around it. There is champagne and cupcakes - everything needed for a fun celebration!
Cupcakes and champagne and Birthday Bundles!

Michelle has been a good friend of Bundle since the beginning. In fact, she was at the 4th of July party when we decided to make our board game making hobby into a business. Michelle is a successful actor and host and creator of the podcast Mentors on the Mic, so she knows all about how to make it using her entrepreneurial skills. Michelle is very close to her family so when she asked us to make a custom game for her sister Danielle's birthday, we were so excited to learn more of her family stories and to get to know Danielle a little bit better.

There is a picture of a woman in sunglasses with two adorable little girls in her lap. The little girls are wearing adorable jean hats and pink shirts.
Sisterly love and adorable hats

Danielle is the connector of the family and friend group, so everyone felt like getting her a Birthday Bundle would be the perfect way to celebrate her on her special day. On our Bundle Blueprint, Danielle's family and friends shared that she is the connector in their lives - always wanting to bring people together and maintaining an optimistic attitude. Danielle often gets teased for having so many best friends, because she is so good at being there for the people in her life.

Danielle loves to travel with her friends and her family and has been so to many exciting places - Florida, Bermuda, Bahamas, Thailand, Paris, Hawaii, Mexico, Israel, London, Denmark, Dominican Republic, California, and Vail. (Can you say wanderlust?) She loves celebrations and gatherings of all kinds - Passover dinner, Hanukkah parties, concerts, summers in the Hamptons, and family talent shows. As much as Danielle and Michelle love to spend time together, they also bicker in a wonderfully sisterly way. (You know the Collier gals can relate to this!) When Danielle and Michelle were little, they were on a car trip and having an argument. Their cousin Hannah saw horses outside the car window and yelled "Horses!" This made Danielle and Michelle giggle, so now whenever they are squabbling with each other, Danielle says "Horses!" and they both laugh.

Danielle had a great time playing her Birthday Bundle. She's always loved playing board games and has excelled at them from a young age. In fact, when she was little and playing Candyland, Danielle would always get the Queen Frostine card and shoot to the top. Michelle couldn't believe Danielle's good luck, so she did a little investigating and discovered that Danielle was cheating and putting Queen Frostine in the correct order in the deck so that she would always receive that card. Hey, don't hate the player, hate the game. ;)

We received a lovely message from Michelle about Danielle's Bundle. "I'm so grateful for this special birthday present for my sister! I had been looking for the perfect occasion to get a customized board game for someone. When I committed to planning my sister's 30th birthday, I knew it was the perfect gift. My whole family agreed that this over delivered. Not only were there inside jokes sprinkled throughout but there were family photos on cards, opportunities to be silly, answer unique questions about my sister, and even the most enthusiastic dance party to her favorite song. Thank you ladies for making this such a special birthday for her!"

We loved learning more about Danielle and making her Birthday Bundle. We are so grateful to be a part of your celebrations, and if you want us to make a custom game for you or someone you love, click here. We will make sure to make it impossible for anyone to engage in Queen Frostine level antics of trickery.


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