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Beyond the Bundle: The Paradis Family

Family of five taking selfie in the woods all bundled up for the winter
This family selfie is on point

Who: The Paradis Family : David (Dad), Nina (Mom), Samantha (oldest sister), Jacob (middle child, only brother), Bethany (youngest sister)

Where: Massachusetts

Bundle They Played: Family (personalized)

Family of 5 out in the woods, the woman at the forefront is wearing a beautiful white dress
I mean, how cute is this family?

Meet the Paradis Family

We had such a great time getting to know the Paradis family through all of the information they shared with us on their Bundle Blueprint. Here at Bundle, we are so lucky that we get to feel like a small part of the stories that are shared with us. The Paradis family is a close-knit crew. They all live together with their two dogs, Rocky & Gronk, and their cat, Mittens. Living proof here that when in the right environment, cats and dogs can love each other! The Paradis family is grateful for all the time that they share together and have a blast battling it out over a game of Mario Kart. They knew they wanted a fun, custom game to play with their family this Christmas - where they could incorporate their favorite traditions, memories, inside jokes, and photos.

A family of 5 making silly faces for the camera
Getting the giggles on

The Family that Laughs Together Stays Together

The Paradis family has a dark sense of humor and have a lot of things that make their family unique. For one, their mom Nina, may or may not have collected all the kids' baby teeth over the years. (We totally get it; baby teeth are the cutest!) Nina is a breast cancer survivor, enjoys making costumes for all occasions in her free time for her husband and children (actually come to think of it, was there a Tooth Fairy costume that we haven't seen photos of?) and is responsible for keeping the rest of the family in check! David keeps busy by working out, building Legos, and drinking whiskey - although we don't imagine that these are all activities that he does at the same time. Jacob isn't just competitive with Mario Kart - he excels at Call of Duty and loves working on cars. Samantha loves to crochet and reorganize her room (can she come over to our apartments, please?) and Bethany loves to beat Jacob (and the whole family) at Mario Kart, is an excellent piano player, and tries to take Mittens with her wherever she goes.

A family of 5 playing Bundle on Christmas morning
Christmas morning Bundle!

Christmas with Bundle

The Paradis family loves to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. They enjoy going to see Christmas light shows and spending New Year's Eve with dinner and a movie together. On Christmas morning they have a big breakfast, and this year Bundle was a part of their holiday celebrations! We are so happy that they sent a photo of us getting their Bundle on and that they let us share their story with you on the Bundle Blog.

We want to hear what makes your family unique and fun and are hoping that we get to make a custom game for you very soon. Paradis family, thank you for being Bundlers and for being such a joy to get to know!


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