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Beyond the Bundle: Keleigh's Bachelorette

Who: Keleigh and her best friends

Where: Boston, Massachusetts

Bundle They Played: Bachelorette Bundle (personalized)

A soon-to-be bride with her best gal pals at her bachelorette party.
Keleigh and her gal pals (including our co-founder, Cassie!) at her bachelorette.

When One of Your Best Buds is a Board Game Maker

Keleigh, one of Cassie’s best friends, celebrated her bachelorette party last weekend. The gals visited a chocolate factory, danced to the jams of an 80s DJ, and of course played Bundle! (I can’t imagine a better pairing for Bundle than chocolate and 80s music.) Cassie got close to Keleigh during their freshman year of college when everyone who lived in their hallway played a massive game of Catchphrase during their first week. Keleigh is quite social and has a wide circle of friends, so the bachelorette party consisted of women from different areas of her life. Jess started dating Keleigh’s cousin 17 years ago (they’re now married!), Jen and Keleigh sat next to each other in Mrs.Bartlett’s 5th grade class, and several of the women are proud members of Smitties Titties. What is Smitties Titties, you ask? I pressed Cassie for further information and this seems like one of those freshman year of college stories where there are so many inside jokes, innuendos, and convoluted memories that no one knows the real story any more, but from what I could gather this was the name of their college flag football team because they lived in a dorm called Smith Hall. Makes perfect sense.

Bachelorette Bundle Bringing Buds Together

We love alliteration and Bachelorette Bundle. Even though this group of women is very close to Keleigh, they had never hung out all together in one big group before. Cassie sent each of the gals our Bundle Blueprint and they shared things that Cassie hadn’t thought about in years, and told stories that Cassie didn’t know about Keleigh from her pre-college days. There was the time in gym class that Keleigh jumped over a jump rope but accidentally landed on a piece of paper, which slipped out from under and she fell completely flat on her back - it was so bad that even the teacher laughed! Then the incident in Brussels when Kristina and Keleigh missed their flight home, but somehow still managed to make it back in one piece. And of course, the numerous times when Keleigh got lost coming back to college after spring break, from a Red Sox game, and in the woods…you get the picture.

Celebrating YOU

Keleigh had played Bundle with her fiancé and loved it, so Cassie and the other women created the Bachelorette Bundle as a surprise for her. Keleigh was so excited to learn that the game was all about her and made by friends and family who love her so much. Here are just some of the things that people said about Keleigh: “Full of life, life of the party,” “Keleigh is one of the funnest, most sincere, kindest, most patient, and most caring people I know,” “Keleigh has always been the person that I can call at any time of the day or night to say, ‘I need to talk I’m coming over now’ and she’ll clear her schedule or whatever she’s doing to make time for me,” “The sweetest girl who would do anything for you.” We could go on and on; there was plenty of material to work with to create Keleigh’s Bundle. From the Name 4 card where Keleigh’s sister shared a meaningful story about when Keleigh gave her a much-needed pep talk the day before she started high school (and 3 additional memories because Keleigh is awesome) to the Challenge card where all the women got to do their best Keleigh dance move, it was a fun and heartfelt evening where Keleigh’s best friends got to celebrate her and their friendships.

Maybe the next time they all get together they will crack the case of the true origin of Smitties Tittites. #bundlemakesitpossible


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