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Beyond the Bundle: The McCabe Family

Who: The McCabe Family

Where: Hanover, Pennsylvania

Bundle they played: Family Bundle (personalized)

A family of 8 at a wedding with sloth faces.
Here is the McCabe family pictured with sloth faces...we told you they were quirky and eclectic.

Susquehanna Gals Stick Together

We love our alma mater, Susquehanna University, and have been lucky enough to visit the campus to talk about Bundle and meet current students. During one of our campus visits, we met Erin McCabe. Erin is a Marketing major and Women’s Studies minor, runs a women empowerment project in Enactus, and is a member of the Ultimate Frisbee Team. (Had I known Frisbee was an option I might have actually participated in an athletic activity during my time at Ssuquehanna.) Erin’s family loves board games so she knew they would have a blast playing their personalized Bundle. The Bundlers consisted of Erin’s mom and dad, her brother Ryan and his wife Lauren, and her oldest brother Michael and his wife Megan. The littlest member of the McCabe family is Michael and Megan’s daughter, Hazel. She’s turning 1 soon, so probably a little too young to Bundle right now but as Erin noted in her Bundle Blueprint, “She doesn’t have a lot of opinions yet. But she is super cute and everyone loves her.” Oh, to be a baby again.

A Quirky and Eclectic Tribe

The McCabe family is so much fun and has such a wide array of interests that no one could ever accuse them of being boring. In fact, making their personalized board game was challenging because they gave us so much fantastic information in their Bundle Blueprint that we wanted to make sure that we included as much as possible in their game. Michael worked on an organic farm and currently has a side hustle as a wedding DJ, Megan has her own jewelry business called BoHoHandmaids, Mom is “basically a teenager in a 59-year-old body” because it is so much fun, and Dad has lived all over the world. Ryan and Lauren are currently working on their PhDs and got married in August, so they have double the reason to celebrate! Can we please come hang out with you guys?

They Love Games As Much As We Do

A story that we were particularly charmed by was when Michael and Megan announced they they were pregnant with Hazel. They handed out index cards to the family that they had to hold up to their foreheads (like the game Hedbanz). Each card had what their relationship would be to the baby written on it (i.e. aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa). Ryan, Lauren, and Erin figured it out as soon as they read everyone else’s index card, but there was some confusion because Dad thought Erin’s card said Ryan instead of aunt, and Mom could only read Dad’s card, which said grandpa, and she just kept trying to tell him that he was old. Finally Mom screamed, “I’m a grandma!” thinking that she had finally won the game. After everyone in the family stared back at her, she said it again, realized that Michael and Megan were going to have a baby and that she was actually going to be a grandma in real life, and started crying. Now that’s a family we can relate to! Next time the McCabe family is looking for a fun way to announce a new addition to their family, we will be sure to send our Baby Bundle their way.


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