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Bundle Buzz Podcast!

There are two women holding Bundle games and looking excited. The text says Bundle Buzz Podcast - Coming August 2022
Let's get talkin'!

Surprise! Your Bundle gals are embarking on a new adventure - Bundle Buzz Podcast! We love making personalized games for families, friends, couples, co-workers, and fandoms and we are so excited to get to share that with our listeners in our limited series run of Bundle Buzz. In each episode of Bundle Buzz, Jackie and Cassie will be joined by a guest with fascinating stories to share, to play a live version of Bundle, where they'll recount funny memories, vulnerable moments, and their favorite stories.

Twp women looking at the camera. One woman is whispering in the other woman's ears and the other is smiling.
"Psst....we are starting a podcast...pass it on..."

We will be using our four Bundle categories to engage our guests in story telling and game playing. With our Name 4, Challenge, Act It Out, and Pick Your Destiny categories we will do a deep dive with each guest as they tell us secrets, inside jokes, and share some of their favorite memories. We would love to have your suggestions for topics to discuss and guests to have on our show!

There are two women holding a Bundle game and smiling at each other.
We are so excited!

We are so excited to have the wonderful Meg Fierro come on board as our producer for Bundle Buzz. The first episode will drop in August, but the trailer is up wherever you listen to podcasts and we would love for you to subscribe now so you don't miss an episode. (Also, if you leave us a rating in anticipation of how much you're going to like it, it will help other people find the podcast!)

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We are looking forward to getting our Bundle Buzz on with you in August!

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