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Summer Camp Fun with Bundle

There is a photo of a Bundle board game and a bag. There is popcorn, chex mix, and nuts in bowls on the table.
Camp activities and camp snacks for the win

When we were younger, we went to lots of fun summer camps. Basketball camp, cheerleading camp, Reading get the idea. For all the camps that we attended, a rite of passage that we never completed was going to sleep away camp. We lived vicariously through our friends' stories and became obsessed with the TV show Bug Juice. Bug Juice was a Disney reality show that premiered in1998 that that followed pre-teens and teenagers on their real-life adventures at summer camp. If you were a fan of the show, you will never forget the theme song, "Bug Juice, doesn't come in a jar, bug juice comes from who you are..." But we digress....

There is a picture of s10 young girls at a summer camp. They are standing outside of their bunk with their camp counselor and a dog.
Bug Juice Besties

There are so many fun activities going on at summer camp. There are sports, arts and crafts, hikes, and musical performances. It is great to be able to enjoy all the beauty of Mother Nature, but what about on those days when it's pouring, and you need to stay cozy inside? Bundle is here for your rainy-day rescue.

There is a Bundle bag with 5 cards. The cards read Pick Your Destiny, Challenge, Act It Out, Name 4, and Final Bundle. There are also pawns and a pair of dice on the table.
Summer Camp Bundle

Bundle: Camp Edition is perfect for campers to get to know each other, laughing over all of their inside jokes, and celebrating the camp's history. With 83 questions that are written specifically from the information that we get from our Bundle Blueprint, we can make a personalized game for your camp that you can play all summer long, and even use for virtual game nights to stay in touch during the school year. To order your custom camp Bundle, click here. And if anyone wants to do a reboot of Bug Juice with adults, please direct us to the casting team so we can fulfill a lifelong dream of going to sleep away camp.


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