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Make a Custom Game all about your Pet!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Photo of two women in navy blue pajamas. There is a Bundle game on the table and two gray coffee cups. One woman is holding a cat and another woman is holding a dog.
We love Bundling with our babies!

We are officially obsessed with our pets. Artie the cat and Frisbee the dog helped us survive the longest days of Covid and we are grateful for their fun, playful, and sweet presences in our homes. Artie and Frisbee are even Bundle mascots - don't worry, they get paid in treats. If you love your pets as much as we do, you can make a personalized board game all about them.

There is a sleeping cat resting his head on a Bundle bag.
A Bundle makes a perfect cat pillow.

When you order your custom board game, we send you a Bundle Blueprint to give us all of your favorite memories and photos of your furry friend. (Or non-furry if you want us to make a game for your snake or fish...) We will make a game with 83 custom cards celebrating your relationship with your pet! Maybe it's your baby's birthday or gotcha day, or they've just been extra well behaved lately. Regardless of the occasion, it's always a good time to cherish all the things that make your pet so special.

There is a sheltie standing on top of a Bundle board game and looking at the camera with an adorable face.
Dogs love Bundle, too!

We can't take full credit for the idea to make a Bundle all about your pets! We had one of our Bundlers reach out to us about making a game all about her corgis! This Bundler had 5 corgis and she wanted a game all about them! We made playing cards with her corgis' faces on them, created trivia cards about her pups, and even included quirky questions like "In as much detail as possible, come up with a movie plot starring your corgis."

If you're having a difficult time envisioning what a Bundle all about your pet would look like, you can send us a DM @thebundlegame or e-mail us at

When you message us, send us a picture of your pet and a few facts about them and we will create a few example cards for you. We are so excited to get to know your furry family members!


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