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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Andy Lucien

Photo of a handsome man in a light blue shirt smiling at the camera. Caption says "Andy Lucien Actor & Activist" Text above Andy's photo reads Bundle Buzz Podcast. Next to the photo of Andy is a smaller photo of Jackie and Cassie Collier.
Andy's smile is infectious!

Andy Lucien is a talented actor and passionate activist. We have been fans of his personally and professionally for years, so we were excited to have him on the Bundle Buzz Podcast to play a game of Bundle all about him! We had Andy fill our our Bundle Blueprint with some of his favorite stories and we had so many great things to choose from when we were coming up with his Bundle game.

Photo of an adorable baby wearing a gold chain and laying on a red velour blanket.
Andy knew he had the "It" factor even as a baby

Andy is a deep feeling and thinking person, so we knew we would have a fascinating conversation with him. What we didn't expect, however, was that we were talking to the (self-proclaimed) world's sexiest baby. Andy told us the story of his father setting up an elaborate photo shoot when he was born. His dad even gave him a gold chain to wear to add that extra little bit of bling. We asked Andy to send us the photo and it was even better than we imagined. The expression on little baby Andy's face says it all!

Photo of Andy wearing a light blue shirt and navy blue blazer. He is staring into the camera with soulful eyes, and it looks like he has a little bit of a secret.
You must've been a beautiful baby...

Andy took the confidence that he has when he was a baby and channeled that into his first meeting with Alicia Keys. In our episode of Bundle Buzz Podcast, Andy gives us the scoop on his encounter with the legendary singer. You can hear the full story on Bundle Buzz, but Andy rocks a fedora and let's just say Alicia Keys takes notice.

We are having so much fun getting to talk to our Bundlers on Bundle Buzz. We love bringing you these conversations and hope that you are enjoying them as much as we are!


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