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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Laura Pierson

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Photo of a blond woman smiling at the camera. Underneath her photo is says Laura Pierson Winner of Amazing Race 26 & Emmy Nominated Producer. There is a small circle  with a photo of Jackie and Cassie smiling and holding a Bundle game. At the top it reads "Bundle Buzz Podcast."
We loved chatting with this lovely lady!

We have had a fantastic time creating content for Great American Community. We have gotten to interview so many Great American Family stars and play Bundle with them! It has been fun developing the content with our incredible producer, Laura Pierson. Laura has had a fascinating life and career so we asked if she would be a guest on Bundle Buzz Podcast so we could talk to her all about it!

Photo of Laura smiling and wearing a pink dress and white heels. She is standing in front of a blue door.
Laura is a ray of sunshine!

Laura has had such an interesting career as an Emmy nominated producer. In one of her first big interviews, Laura was assigned to interview Elton John. She was a little nervous but felt prepared and even wore a new outfit for the big day. Unfortunately, right before the interview started, Laura had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. For the full story (we laughed so hard) listen to Laura's episode of Bundle Buzz here.

Photo pf Laura smiling at the camera and running her fingers through her hair.
Our all time favorite Amazing Race winner!

We are hugs fans of the Amazing Race and Laura was the winner of one of our favorite seasons! In Season 26, half of the teams were dating couples, and the other half were singles who were paired with each other. Laura was paired with another single named Tyler and they immediately became our favorite team. They were both skilled, fierce competitors, but also very kind to each other and to the rest of the teams on the race. Laura indulged us by answering our many questions about the Amazing Race and even gave us some behind the scenes insight of what it is like to race around the world and win one million dollars while doing it. To get the full scoop, listen to Laura's episode here. We hope you enjoy getting your Bundle Buzz on with us!


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