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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Caileigh Scott

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

A photo of Caileigh Scott and the words Bundle Buzz Podcast. There is a small photo of two women and underneath the photo it says Hosted By Jackie & Cassie Collier.
We love chatting with Caileigh Scott!

Caileigh Scott is a women who wears many hats, and looks good in all of them. She is an actor, producer, writer, and activist - she also happens to be one of our best friends from childhood! Even though we know Caileigh very well, when she flled out her Bundle Blueprint before she was a guest on Bundle Buzz, we were surprised to discover that she had many interesting and hilarious stories that we hadn't heard before!

Photo of Caileigh in a field smiling at the camera. She is wearing sunglasses, a cozy sweater, and there is a beautiful back drop of a blue sky.
Caileigh enjoying autumn!

On our episode of Bundle Buzz, Caileigh talks candidly about her experience with being diagnosed with breast cancer. She shares how she has turned to humor and art to get her through this challenging time and we are so grateful that she is sharing her story with us.

Caileigh was also vulnerable enough to share about her most embarrassing childhood memory - and it is a doozy. You can get the full story on the podcast but it involves two bodily functions occurring at the same time that resulted in complete humiliation for 6 year old Caileigh in front of an entire classroom of students.

Caileigh is smiling at the camera in the middle of a pumpkin patch.
Tis the season to enjoy a pumpkin patch!

When you order a custom Bundle game, you fill out a Bundle Blueprint so we can learn all about your memories, traditions, and inside jokes. You might think that you know everything about your family, but we we learned from Caileigh's Bundle Blueprint for Bundle Buzz, everyone has stories that they've kept under wraps. When we read our Bundlers' Bundle Blueprints, we are always laughing and fascinated by the experiences that people share. We wish we could tell you all of them, but we keep our Bundlers secrets highly confidential. If you listen to the Bundle Buzz podcast, you can hear the inside scoop on all our guests, and trust us, we don't hold back. Thanks to Caileigh for making us laugh and inspiring us!


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