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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Blaise Serra

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Photo of Blaise Serra, magician. The words Bundle Buzz Podcast at the top of the frame. On the left side a tiny photo of Jackie & Cassie Collier. They are smiling and holding a Bundle board game.
Talk like a Magician...

Do you believe in magic? Well if you don't, spend a few minutes with Blaise Serra and we are confident he will change your mind. We met Blaise when he was performing in the phenomenal show Speakeasy Magic. The show takes place at the McKittrick Hotel, and there is a rotating cast of the best magicians in New York City. We wanted more time to be dazzled by Blaise and his talents, so we invited him to be a guest on Bundle Buzz.

Photo of Blaise of Blaise looking off to the side with a mysterious look on his face. His gorgeous curly hair is partially covering his face and he is wearing a suit.
A man of mustery and magic

In our episode of Bundle Buzz, Blaise let us into his inner circle a little bit. When Blaise is performing, he is confident and charismatic, so it was difficult to picture him having an embarrassing moment. However, Blaise regaled us with a tale of a moment that had us cringing for him. To hear the whole story, listen here, but as a teaser : Blaise gets kicked off of a movie set for making out with someone. We sincerely hope it was a magical make out.

To share the joy of the podcast and give listeners a little sneak peek before our episode of Bundle Buzz dropped, we went live from our Instagram accounts and Blaise performed a card trick for us. We were completely in awe of the trick - we were screaming and staring at Blaise in utter disbelief.

When we watched Blaise perform live, we were so intimidated by his talent. When we got to talk to him a little bit more about his personal life, we realized he was even more talented than we thought, but that he has a vulnerable, quirky side that we found very endearing.

We hope that you are loving our episodes of Bundle Buzz and that you will listen to Blaise's episode and enjoy the magical experience.


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