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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Azhelle Wade

Promo shot of Axhelle Wade smiling at the camera and holding toys. The text reads Bundle Buzz Podcast. Next to Azhelle is a photo of Jackie and Cassie Collier.
The best you coach in the biz!

For our second episode of Bundle Buzz, we had the best time chatting with Azhelle Wade. We have been friends with Azhelle for several years, and she is one of the most inspiring people we know. Azhelle is a toy coach and helps her students unlock their creativity and their passion. We have been students in her Toy Creators Academy and learned so much from Azhelle and had a lot of fun in the process.

A cake topper with am adorable bride and groom,
The most adorable cake topper for a toy wedding!

On Azhelle’s episode of Bundle Buzz, we talked all about her toy wedding. That’s right, a toy wedding. We were lucky enough to be guests at Azhelle’s wedding to fellow toy maker, Christian Castro. (Who is also a friend of Bundle, he has done a lot of design work for us and is super talented!) The wedding was filled with so many perfect moments and you can hear us break is all down by listening here.

A photo of a beautiful woman smiling sitting on a park bench and smiling as he sun streams onto her.
We loved getting inspired by Azhelle Wade!

Since Azhelle is an expert at all things toy related, we chatted with her about what toy she would be if she could be any toy in world. Azhelle’s answer surprised us and made for a very interesting conversation! If you’re a toy person, love weddings, or just want to feel inspired and unlock your creativity, click here to listen to Azhelle’s episode. Comment below or DM us with your thoughts on the episode and what toy you would be!


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