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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Gianmarco Soresi

There is a graphic that says Bundle Buzz Podcast. Gianmarco Soresi's headshot is at the center and labeked guest. To the left of  Gianmarco there is a smaller photo of Jackie an Cassie
Our First Bundle Buzz Guest!

We love the stories that our Bundlers share when they fill out there Bundle Blueprint so we can make their customized board game. The stories that our Bundlers tell us are heartwarming, hilarious, and entertaining, but they are all confidential. We want to be able to share some of these I incredible stories, so we started a limited run of a new podcast, Bundle Buzz! In our 10 episode series, we will be playing a live game of Bundle with a variety of guests who we think you'll love.

There is a photo of Gianmarco with his hands on his cheeks looking pensively out into the distance.
Thinking about all the ways he's a bad boyfriend

We kicked off our first episode of Bundle Buzz with comedian and actor Gianmarco Soresi. You can listen to his episode here. We have known Gianmarco since we moved to NYC and he always makes us laugh. Whether we are watching him perform with his sketch team, Uncle Function, doing stand up at a comedy club in the city, or playing everyone’s favorite reporter in Blue Bloods, we love following Gianmarco’s career. We definitely had a great ab workout from laughing so hard during his podcast episode.

Gianmarco is on tip toe looking out into the camera, showcasing his best dance moves.
Dance like no one is watching.

Gianmarco was game to talk about anything so we definitely put him on the spot a little bit. Gianmarco confessed all the ways that he’s a bad boyfriend, talked about his divorced parents, and shared his biggest dream. Gianmarco’s gift for storytelling and his self deprecating sense of humor is also showcased on his podcast, The Downside. We hope you love our first episode of Bundle Buzz and we look forward to bringing you more fun episodes over the next 10 weeks!


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