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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Shruthi Parker

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A photo of a beautful young woman standing by a tree. The title reads "Bundle Buzz Podcast" Text says "Shruthi Parker, lifestyle blogger" There is a small photo of Jacks & Cassie Collier nex tot the woman.
Shruthi Parker: lover of dad jokes, dosa, and family.

We love recording all of our podcasts. Each guest brings so much excitement, joy, and interesting stories. Shruthi Parker brought an all time high level of excitement because moments before recording Bundle Buzz she almost went into labor! Despite nearly giving birth right before, Shruthi managed to be wildly entertaining, thoughtful, and on time. This is all while balancing mom life and her blogging empire!

There is a photo of a smiling young woman in a garden ith beautiful trees around her.She is wearing a matching top and shorts set and looks at peace.
Shruthi has so many amazing stories!

Shruthi filled out our Bundle Blueprint and we found out so many fascinating things about her life, even more than what we knew from following her popular blog and Instagram account. Shruthi filled us in on 4 things that you should never say to a new mom, and 4 things she wished she would have heard more. (The answers might surprise you!) Shruthi also filled us in on her first date with her now husband. She was so nervous about their first date that she ordered chicken (even though she has been a vegetarian her whole life) and spilled her entire beverage all over her new outfit. Rather than acknowledge this mishap, she just let it soak into her clothing as if nothing had happened.

The Parker family is outside on a beautiul day. They are holding their children, smiling, and having fun.
The Parkers are such a fun family!

A week after we chatted with Shruthi, she went into labor. Her precious baby girl spent 53 days in the NICU and just recently came home to her family. Throughout the entire journey, Shruthi has been sharing her heart and her faith with her community. Many families have been able to find connection through the Parkers' story. Shruthi's candor, humor, and faithfulness throughout the entire process has been inspiring.

We are so grateful that Shruthi took the time to talk with us and we are so excited for you to listen to our conversation. Thank you for being on this Bundle Buzz journey with us!


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