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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Deck the Hallmark

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

There are two men in Christmas sweaters smiling with their arms around each other. The text reads Bundle Buzz podcast - Dan and Bran host of Deck the Hallmark Podcast. A small photo of two young woman smiling and text reads Hosted by Jackie and Cassie Collier.
Deck the Hallmark bringing the holiday spirit!

You know that the Bundle gals are big fans of Hallmark movies and the Holiday season. We even created a special limited edition Hallmark board game and Bundle: Holiday Edition. As mega fans of Holiday movies, we are also big fans of the podcasts that cover them, and one of our favorites is the Deck the Hallmark Podcast. We loved chatting with the hosts, Bran and Dan, on episode 5 of the Bundle Buzz Podcast.

Photo os a smiling man joyfully jumping in the air with a smile on his face and his hands in the air.
Dan's Reaction to Bran's Bundle Bonus Story

Bran and Dan have been our good buddies for several years now. We have shared many stories and laughs together so we knew that we would have a fun time chatting with them on the podcast. What we didn't expect was that Bran would share a "Bundle Bonus" story within the first five minutes of recording. Before we even got to ask any official questions, Bran confessed a mortifying moment that was so embarrassing that we weren't sure if he was kidding or not. Dan confirmed the validity of the story and Bran received an extra point for his Bundle Bonus revelation.

There are six people smiling at the camera and dressed in Christmas clothing. Text reads Coming up this week on Deck the Hallmark.
Deck the Hallmark Podcast Family

As experts of all things Christmas, the Deck the Hallmark guys wrote a book called I'll Be Home for Christmas Movies. The book has fun holiday recipes as well as reviews of some of our favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. The Deck the Hallmark team knows how to throw a great party with their fan community, the Double Deckers. Bramblefest 2022 was a weekend of podcasting, watching movies, and playing a special Double Decker themed version of Bundle.

We hope you'll check out our episode with Deck the Hallmark boys and check out their podcast this holiday season.


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