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Bundle Buzz Podcast with Paige & Tim

A photo of a beautiful red haired bride smiling and looking at the camera while her husband holds her in an embrace.
We love chatting with our favorite newlyweds!

At Bundle, celebrating love is very important to us. We love making a Couple Bundle for people celebrating their anniversaries and for wedding gifts. For our third episode of Bundle Buzz, we had a fun chat with our favorite newlyweds, Paige Howard and Tim Abou-Nasr.

A bride and groom sharing their first kiss in their beauiful outfoor wedding with flowers all around.
True Love's Kiss

Paige and Tim are going recently got married and had a beautiful honeymoon in France, so we expected that to be talking a lot about romance and love in this episode. While we definitely touched on those things; we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of bathroom humor that worked its way into the discussion. True love means getting to tell all of your best poop stories.

Paige and Tim are smiling at the camera as they pose for a selfie.
Funny fibs for the win!

Paige has a unique talent for telling the funniest fibs. When Tim told us the details of her most outlandish tales, we were so impressed with the creativity in her fibbing and how she can make even the kookiest ideas believable. Paige and Tim have so many wonderful stories and we had so much talking to them about all of their adventures. Make sure to listen to our episode here and let us know what you loved!


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