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Easter 2023 with Bundle!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Photo of two women wearing bunny ears and holding a Bundle board game and two purple bunny stuffed animals.
Some bunny loves you!

At Bundle, we believe in celebrating life one custom board game at a time! We love living in New York City, but it's important for us to return to our hometown in Pennsylvania to celebrate the holidays with our family. There will be an Easter egg hunt (there are no kids in the mix, it's just for us), a home cooked meal, and a personalized Bundle game to celebrate Easter!

Photo of a Bundle game with a Pick Your Destiny card next to it. There are beautiful purple flowers in the background.
Springtime Celebrations!

We would love to make you a custom game for Easter! If you order a personalized Bundle game, you will receive a link to fill out our Bundle Blueprint, a form that lets us get a peek into your lives. We take the information from your Bundle Blueprint to create a customized game with your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos.

We have loved getting to know our Bundlers through the stories they have shared with us. If you are traveling for Easter, a Bundle is the perfect game to take with you on the road because of our cloth bag and easily foldable board. Rather than typical board games that take up a lot of space and can be difficult to transport, a Bundle will fit easily into your jacket pocket.

Photo of a young woman holding a Bundle and standing in a grassy field under a lovely blue sky.
Blue sky and Bundle

In addition to all of the personalized questions about your family and friends, we can create a custom game that is Easter focused. Some examples include "Name 4 of your favorite candies to eat on Easter." (For us, we are going with Bissinger's chocolate, Hershey's chocolate, Twizzlers, and Starburst) A Challenge card that reads, "You are running late for an Easter celebration. Using items found in the room, you have one minute to put together an Easter basket." We love getting to be a part of the celebrations in your lives and hope that you have a hoppy Easter! (Sorry, we just can't help ourselves.)


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