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Spring Ahead with Bundle

Two women wearing sunglasses and smiling while having a picnic in the park in New York City. There are holding a Bundle game.
Bundling in the sun

Twice a year when it’s time to change our clocks, we find ourselves whispering “Fall Back, Spring Ahead” to remind us of which direction time is moving. Although we love the extra hour of sleep we get in the fall, springing forward is always exciting because it means the promise of more daylight in the morning and warmer weather. Even though we “lose” an hour this Sunday morning, March 13th, we are looking forward to all the hours this spring that will be spent the basking in all this glory of a season that feels like it is full of magic and promise.

Four young people in jeans and sweatshirts laying cozily together on the grass.
Spring forward with Bundle!

We hope that Bundle will be a big part of your spring plans! Our personalized board game has a cloth board and a soft bag with a drawstring to make it easy to travel with or take on all of your spring adventures. Bundle can fit into perfectly into a picnic basket, suitcase, purse, backpack, or yes, even a large pocket. (Dresses with pockets for the win!)

A family of four out for a walk during a beautiful, sunny day.
Spring is in the air!

Spring also means the season of love and bachelorette parties. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate, you can host a rom com game night with your best friends. Bake some treats, pick a fun double feature, pop some bubbly, and play Bundle: Rom Com Edition. For bachelorette party season, we can make a custom game for the bride to be. You fill out our Bundle Blueprint, include photos of the bride and her best friends (and maybe her fiancé) and you will have a fully personalized game in 3 weeks. If you find yourself attending numerous bachelorette parties this year, you can go with our classic Bachelorette Bundle - a version of the can play with multiple friend groups.

We hope that you are looking forward to the spring season kicking off. (We have our Claritin and SPF 50 ready to go!) We want to hear what fun activities you have planned, but we trust that whatever activities you get up to you will be having a Bundle of fun. (Ok, that’s a little cheesy but you know we can’t help ourselves.)


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