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Spring Has Sprung!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Photo of a young couple playing Bundle in a scenic setting at a lake. Their adorable dog is sniffing at the Bundle board.
Bundle is people tested and dog approved!

Even though it doesn't quite feel like it yet, Spring is officially here! On March 20th we celebrated the arrival of the Spring Equinox and the hopefully glorious weather that will follow. We may still be donning our winter coats here in New York City, but we want to start getting ready for all of the warm weather that is on the way. No better way to usher in the start of a new season than by playing a personalized custom game all about your family and friends. Enter, Bundle!

Photo of two women in front of a step and repeat that reads "Hallmark Channel - where love happens" and "Roma Drama Live" and "Two Tickets to Paradise"
Ready for spring!

Bundle is the perfect game to take to a picnic. Since our board is made of cloth and the game comes in a easy-to-transport ultra soft bag, you can throw it in your purse. It takes up very little space and is lightweight, so the perfect game for when you are on-the-go. If you want to make a custom game all about your family or friends, you click here. Once you have ordered your Bundle, you fill out your Bundle Blueprint and we create a game that includes your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. Next time you're asked to BYOB to party, flip the script and bring your own board game.

Photo of two young woman holding a Bundle and sitting in the park on a lovely NYC day.
Good day, sunshine!

Bundle is also great for the upcoming celebrations that you might be having in the warmer months. We make Bachelorette Bundles, Baby Bundles, Bridal Bundles, and Birthday Bundles. (Can you tell we love alliteration?) It is such an honor for us to be a part of the special occasions in our Bundlers' lives!

We would love to know what you're doing to celebrate the arrival of spring and what you're looking forward to in the upcoming months. As always, we are hoping that you have a Bundle of fun!


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