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Falling in Love with Love

Photo of an adorable couple who are both cozy and cuddled up in a sweater together
Sweater Weather, amirite?

Baby, it's cold outside! There are lots of ways to keep warm this winter - cozy socks, heated blankets, cuddling with pets, sitting in front of a warm fire, or sharing a sweater with your significant other (as pictured with this adorable couple here). Maybe not every couple is up for sharing a singular sweater with each other, but with Valentine's Day around the corner you might be trying to think of a perfect gift for your significant other - well don't worry, Bundle has got your back with a variety of options for your love needs.

Couple playing Bundle while their dog tries to get in on the fun. They are by a lake and have a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the background
Must Love Dogs. A rom com and this couple's mantra

If you want to surprise your love with a custom game all about your relationship, you can order our personalized Couple Bundle. We will send you our Bundle Blueprint, a series of questions where we learn all about you and your relationship. We will make an ultra-personalized game featuring your inside jokes, most heartfelt moments, and photos. You can also order a virtual edition our custom game or if you think that your Valentine will want to be a part of the game making process, you can gift them a Bundle gift certificate so that you can make the game together. (Or if they are really type A, they can create the game and you can just play it when it arrives!)

A photo of two women showing holding up their Bundle wine classes
Valentines & Galentines

It's also a season of Galentines! (And Galentines who are also each other Valentines!) We love a good rom com, so we created Bundle: Rom Com Edition - celebrating all things romantic comedy! We grew up watching all of the classic romantic comedies of the 90s and early 2000s - if we are being honest, sometimes we still walk around pretending we are Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock. (But really, doesn't everyone do that?!) If you have a girls night coming up or just want to test your rom com knowledge, Bundle: Rom Com Edition is the perfect gift to yourself or a friend who you know also appreciates quoting every Nora Ephron movie ever made. One of our favorites is "When you realize you want to start Bundling with someone, you want to start Bundling as soon as possible." That's how it goes, right?

Order the Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day game of your choice here and comment below with your favorite rom com quote!


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