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Halloween Games for the Family

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

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It's officially Fall...time for sweaters, board games, and Halloween candy!

It's officially fall! The Collier women are fans of fall clothing. We don't wear shorts and burn very easily (even with SPF) so this season is really our time to thrive. New York City is beautiful this time of year and we have loved going for walks in Central Park, and of course, playing board games! We are also big fans of Halloween and start preparing for it weeks before hand by discussing costume ideas, playing games, and eating our favorite types of candy (Jackie loves candy corn and Cassie can't stand it - we would love to know which camp you fall into because it can be very polarizing).

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Golden Girls (and Boys)

This Golden Girls picture at an escape room (escape rooms, how we miss you!) is from Halloween two years ago. Last year we knew Halloween was going to look a lot different. We had a blast creating a Virtual Halloween Bundle so that even though we couldn't have a traditional trick or treat experience (or escape room experience!) we got to celebrate with friends from near and far. We had such a great time hearing our Bundlers' stories from hopping on zoom and getting their Halloween on via our virtual game.

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Tricks and Treats

This year for Halloween you might be planning on going out to a Halloween costume party (we want to hear about all of your costumes!) or having a cozy night in with copious snacks and, yes, GAMES! Or you might be doing both (party on Saturday night and Sunday night in, perhaps?) If you want to create a custom Halloween game for your party - we are your gals. Just click on this link, fill out our Bundle Blueprint, and we will create a game for you in three weeks filled with all of your favorite memories, inside jokes, trivia, and photos. And oh, the photos! We want your most embarrassing Halloween photos. Look, we will go first:

You're welcome. Yes, sharing is caring, so we loved sharing costume ideas with each other. And just for the record, we are both Raggedy Ann, not Ronald McDonald. Although we this wig, it's really interchangeable. We want to see all of your best and worst Halloween costumes (because aren't the worst ones actually the BEST ones?) Send us an e-mail at or DM us @thebundlegame. Also feel free to offer any controversial candy options here, we promise it's a safe space.


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