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Rainy Days with Bundle

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Rainy day - we'll still play!

Rainy days can be a little annoying when you have to be outside running errands, splashing in puddles (not in the fun way!) or having to travel in less than ideal conditions. How many people have thought they were successfully navigating a storm with the expert skill level of seasoned Minecraft player, only to step in a huge puddle that soaks through your shoes and drenches your socks? You know what's a lot more fun than having to deal with umbrellas that break at the slightest whisper of a wind? Cozying up with Bundle, your favorite personalized board game and watching the rain fall from the comfort of your living room.

Rainy day activities, activities for kids, Bundle game, favorite board games
Snacks, snacks, more snacks...and Bundle.

A rainy day playing your favorite board game would not be complete without some snacking. One of our new favorite finds is Major's Project Pop. Major's Project Pop is an incredible company that is founded by Chauniqua Major – Louis, often known as Major. Chauniqua values people over profit and genuinely cares about her customers and the organizations that she can help through her company. Plus, her popcorn is not only delicious, but it's unique - there is even an organic lemonade flavor! Plus, it's organic and vegan and filled with all the healthy goodness which is wonderful but did we mention that it tastes great?

Board games, Panda Lily Candle Company, Bundle board games, small business
Cue the song *I love a rainy day...*

Another rainy day pleasure of ours is lighting candles while we play our personalized board game. Some of our favorite candles are from Panda Lily Candle Company. This small, family owned company makes amazing candles and at reasonable prices. Panda Lily Candle Company also has a wide range of scents - fresh and clean, floral, Fall Time, Christmas, bakery, and many more! As you watch the rain fall you can get in a cozy outfit, light some candles, get your favorite snacks out, and Bundle the night away.

We want to hear from YOU! What are your favorite rainy day activities? What makes you feel comfy and cozy when you're settling in for a board game night? Let us know in the comments section below and stay safe and dry! (Unless you like splashing in puddles, then by all means, go for it and live your best life!)


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