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I'll Be Home for Christmas Movies (and Board Games!)

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Happy Publishing Day to our Guys!

In the entrepreneurial world, we have been very grateful to have met many amazing people in our adventure so far. When we meet other creators who are on this journey with us, it gives us courage and inspiration to keep going on the more challenging days, and on the best days, people to be a part of the celebration! A group of people who have been touchstones for us are the guys of the Deck the Hallmark Podcast. Today is a big day for them - publishing day for their book I'll Be Home For Christmas Movies.

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Yes, Cassie is wearing Santa hat earrings

When we were at Christmas Con in 2019, we didn't have a booth to sell our holiday game. Being the scrappy sales gals that we are, we decided we were just going to wander around with them stuffed into our red backpacks (we love you Sara Blakely!) and talk to Bundlers. While that was fun, we realized we needed a space to show people what the game actually looked like and play a few rounds. Cue the kindness of our Deck the Hallmark guys. Bran, Panda, and Dan graciously let us set up shop and share their booth with them. They even told games for us (and Cassie sold a few of their branded t-shirts for them while they were off doing press events). It was a match made in Christmas Con heaven and they have always been so supportive of us.

0podcasting, Christmas gifts, I'll Be Home for Christmas Movies, Bundle: Holiday Edition, Hallmark Christmas movies
The bow was the 4th guest on the podcast

Jackie has had a great time guesting on the Deck the Hallmark podcast. The famous bow that can be seen in many of our Bundle photo shoots and videos (yes we share it and no we don't fight about who gets to wear it...most of the time) was excited to be part of the fun. If you want to order Bundle: Holiday Edition make sure you enter DeckTheHallmark at check out for a special surprise to celebrate the I'll Be Home For Christmas Movies book launch. We are so proud of you Deck the Hallmark! Click here to order your book today and make sure to get board games and books and movies to celebrate a cozy Christmas season. Bring on the 2021 celebrations! *Cue Mariah Carey singing because....of course*


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