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100 Days Until Christmas

100 Days Until Christmas, Holiday season, early holiday shopping. board games, Christmas games

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." All right, so even if it's not actually looking like Christmas yet, (which to be honest, we are okay with, we can wait a little for the snow) we are 100 days away from Christmas. We recently launched our Bundle: Holiday Edition - you can read all about it in our blogposts Early Holiday Shopping and Ultimate Holiday Game. We have also partnered with the incredible team at That's 4 Entertainment to celebrate Christmas Con the weekend of December 10th-12th and are currently giving away a Bundle: Holiday Edition and a pair of day passes to Christmas Con.

board games, Christmas Con, best games, early Christmas shopping
It's beginning to look a lot like Bundle

Even though there are still 100 days until the big day, getting a jump on Christmas shopping will let you enjoy all the activities of the holiday season - cooking making, caroling, watching Christmas movies, decorating, and yes, board game playing! We take a lot of time and care to create a personalized board game for our Bundlers. You will fill out a Bundle Blueprint so we can create a game with 83 cards custom made for you - complete with photos. Order your game today so you can fill out the Bundle Blueprint and we can work with you to create a custom game!

100 days until Christmas, board games. custom games, personalized board games
The fire is fake but the fun is real

We are looking forward to spending the next 100 days making games for our Bundlers to enjoy throughout the holiday season. Your Bundle elves are here for you to answer any questions you have about the process of game making. We want to hear from YOU - what are you most looking forward to most in the next 100 days?


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