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Christmas Con 2021 - Here We Come!

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Bundle: Holiday Edition with furry friends

Yes, it is not even Halloween yet, and don't worry, we will certainly be celebrating in style with our witches hats and our familiars. But we are also super excited about the holiday season coming up, especially because we have a brand new holiday game. We loved making our Bundle: Holiday Edition because we grew up all through the holiday season playing board games nearly every night. We are ready to to have some cozy board game nights with comfy sweaters and our furry friends enjoying the holiday season.

Christmas games. best Christmas games, Christmas Con 2021
Cassie talking to Bundlers at Christmas Con 2019!

Last year we spent Christmas zooming with our family (thank goodness for technology!) but this year we are thrilled to be attending Christmas Con 2021 in person! We went to Christmas Con 2019 where Cassie sold our Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas board game, and Jackie co-hosted some of the celebrity panels. This year is going to be even more exciting because we will be hosting a Bundle: Holiday Edition game night with celebrity guests! So mark your calendars for December 10th at the New Jersey Expo Center!

Christmas Con 2021, celebrities, Lacey Chabert, Melissa Joan Hart, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Sister Sister, Clarissa Explains It All, Mean Girls
Jackie and Co-Host Shawl hostng the Christmas Con 2019 Panels!

While we can't reveal who are celebrity guests are just yet (stay tuned!) Christmas Con 2021 has so many exciting people and events. You know we love our game nights, and for our Bundle: Holiday Edition game night at Christmas Con 2021 we will be partnering people attending the con with celebrities to win prizes. Some celebrities you can expect to see at Christmas Con 2021 are Lacey Chabert (she can sit with us!), Tamera Mowry-Housley (we never stopped singing the Sister Sister theme song) and Melissa Joan Hart (when we were growing up our mom told us that she thought Clarissa explained too much). To get tickets to Christmas Con 2021 click here and to order your Bundle: Holiday Edition click here. And if you can't make it in person this year, we have a feeling we might have some virtual game nights on the horizon. ;)


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