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International Women's Day with Bundle

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Photo of a young woman carrying a cardboard box full of Bundle games. The woman is on  a busy NYC street with a taxi behind her.
We are strong, we are invincible....we are women

As a female founded and run company, Bundle is passionate about the advancement and celebration of women. The majority of our customers are women who are the gatherers of their social circles. We love to share in the stories that they tell us in their Bundle Blueprint and make personalized games all about their favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes. Although we celebrate women every day, we are looking forward to International Women's Day, where everyone can join in the fun with us!

Photo of two women smiling at the camera and holding Bundle wine glasses.
Cheers to celebrating women everyday!

Wednesday, March 8th is International Women's Day and this year the theme of the campaign is #EmbraceEquality. This year the goals are to elevate the visibility of women creatives, celebrate women forging change, build workplaces where women thrive, improve equality for women in tech, forge women's empowerment worldwide, empower women's choices in health, and applaud equality for women in sports. One of the International Women's Day Charity Partners is The Girl Scouts of America. We are so admirable of the Girls Scouts and their work and mission. Plus, they bring endless amounts of joy with the copious amounts of Girl Scout Cookies we consume each year. To support The Girl Scouts of America (and eat some delicious thin mints) click here.

Photo of a young women with her hands on her hips and looking bravely upward. She is wearing a salmon colored shirt, gray blazer, and black pants. The woman is standing next to the fearless girl statue.
Fearless Girl Statue > Charging Bull Statue

International Women's Day is not country, group, or organization specific. As bell hooks told us in her wonderful book, "Feminism is for Everybody", feminism is eclectic and inclusive in its nature, and all efforts advancing women's equality are welcome and valid. We will be celebrating International Women's Day by patronizing female owned businesses and supporting female artists. While it's something we try to do regularly, it's a great opportunity to be more intentional.

If you want to support a female run business, consider buying a personalized Bundle. (Subtle sales plug there!) We would love to make a game celebrating the women in your life!


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