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National Do A Favor For A Grouch Day

Photo of Oscar the Grouch in a trash can making his standard grumpy face.
Even grouches are lovable

Thursday, February 16th is National Do A Favor For A Grouch Day. When we were little, our parents took us on what should have been an exciting, fun filled trip to Sesame Place. What we didn't realize was how frightening Oscar the Grouch popping out of his trash can in real would be. A bloodcurdling scream and a few tears later and we were exiting the park early. Despite that harrowing experience, we still continued to watch and enjoy Sesame Street.

Photo of a cute little sheltie puppy standing on top of a Bundle board game.
Puppies + board games = guaranteed smiles

Although we hopefully do a better job of controlling our grumpiness than Oscar the Grouch, everyone knows what it's like to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. When we are feeling down it means so much to have someone do a little gesture to perk us up. National Do A Favor For A Grouch Day is a great way to pick a friend and turn their frown upside down. You can buy them a cup of coffee, bake a little treat, or offer to pick up their kids from school. (Assuming you're a responsible caregiver, if not, stick to the coffee and sweet treats.) You can also let your grumpy friend spend some time with your pets. Research has shown that simply petting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Animals perk us up!

Photo of an adorable sleeping cat looking very cozy. There is a Final Bundle game card on the bed and the cat is cuddled up to it.
Naps help with grumpiness

Something that always cheers up is playing board games. (You probably could have guessed that as board game makers we feel this way!) If you want to cheer up your favorite grouch, ordering them a personalized board game is sure to bring lots of joy!

To order a custom board game, click here. You will receive a Bundle Blueprint, a questionnaire where you tell us your favorite traditions, memories, and inside jokes. We will take that information and make an ultra personalized game with 83 cards specifically written for your game. We also include photos that make the game a wonderful keepsake.

Maybe if we would have thought to make Oscar the Grouch his own board game when we were little we wouldn't have been so startled by his grouchy outburst. Sesame Street - we are game (pun intended) if you need us!


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