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Listen to Your Hearties

Our New Game!

When we launched our Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas board game we had so much fun having virtual and in person play parties with fellow Hallmarkies - it definitely helped to get us in the Christmas spirit (well that, and copious amounts of hot chocolate). One request we kept getting from Hallmarkies was that they wanted a board game all about the popular series When Calls the Heart. Now, if you’ve seen the series, it’s safe to say that you probably call yourself a Heartie. Hearties are a strong and powerful fandom - there are Heartie Family Reunions, online fan groups, and an enormous amount of love and support for everyone working on the show. Hallmark Channel ordered an 8th season of the show (yay!) and the cast is currently filming, ready to to bring more Heartie love in 2021. In the meantime, Hearties can play our brand new, official, When Calls the Heart board game!

Let's see you act out that love triangle

Coal Miners’ Granddaughters

We are proud coal miners’ granddaughters and we love being from coal country. Working on this game was so much fun because not only do we get to engage with a TV show we love, but we get to engage further with our coal region roots. (You can take the girls outta the coal region but you can’t take the coal region outta the girls.) The show has such a vibrant cast of characters and the When Calls the Heart board game is the perfect way way to relive all of your favorite memories from the beloved series.

Jackie is infinitely excited that she got a picture with WCTH actor Paul Greene

Netflix and Chill with Pumpkin Spice

If you’ve never seen When Calls the Heart and you’re looking for your next binge watch, settle in and start at season 1 episode 1 on Netflix. Episode 2 the women all go to work in the mines and it gave us A League of Their Own vibes in the best way. (We are toying around with Kit and Dottie for this year’s Halloween costumes by the way.) Whether you are a long time fan or brand new to the Heartie party, we look forward to playing our brand new game with you! And even though we are more hot chocolate gals ourselves, we want to say happy pumpkin spice season to everyone who celebrates.


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