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National Babysitter's Day!

Updated: May 11, 2023

Photo of two little girls holding a Bundle game and smiling at the camera. They have their arms around each other and are wearing striped shirts.
Babysitting is a joy with these lovebugs!

"Say hello to your friends...Babysitters Club...say hello to the people who care...Nothing's better than friends...Babysitters Club...cause you know that your friends are always there." We heard this tune countless times growing up because it is the theme song for The Babysitters Club TV show. We weren't just a fan of the show, we were a fan of the books as well, and we felt like the babysitters were close personal friends of ours. This year National Babysitter's Day is on Saturday, May 13th and we would love for you to celebrate Bundle style.

Photo of a cute little boy laying on his stomach and looking at a Bundle game.
We love our Bundle babies!

Our first job as teens was babysitting and we are still close with the family. Jackie loved babysitting so much that when she moved to New York City she babysat for numerous families and they became her NYC family. In fact, Bella, who Jackie babysat for years has done many Bundle photo shoots and promos for us. She was generously paid in cake pops and hugs.

If you're looking for a gift for the babysitter in your life, you can order them a custom board game all about them! When you click here to order your ultra personalized game you will get a link to our Bundle Blueprint, where you can share your favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. We take all of that info and make a game for you and your loved ones.

Photo of a young girl with big brown eyes and brown hair. She is holding a Bundle glass and wearing a Bundle t-shirt.
Bella, our little brand ambassador

You can make a game for your babysitter to play with their friends or family, or you could make a game for them to play with your family. Some cards could include: "Name 4 snacks that Jackie always has in her purse." A Challenge card of "Do your best impression of Bella when she doesn't get what she wants." An Act It Out card that reads "Bedtime story."

It takes a village to raise tiny humans and we are grateful to all the people who contribute to taking care of the next generation. We are also grateful to Bella for always being game (pun intended) for a Bundle photo shoot. Even though she is a teenager now we intend to pay her in cake pops and Bundle games for years to come.


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