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Sit Back, Relax, and Bundle

Photo of two women wearing matching navy colored pajamas. The woman on the right is holding a sheltie puppy and the woman on the left is holding a cat. There is a Bundle board game out on the table in front of them and two gray mugs.
Pets and Pajamas

Something that our mom has instituted in recent years is Pajama Day. Pajama Day is a holiday that should be celebrated annually at minimum, monthly in an ideal world. Pajama Day is a day to stay in your pajamas all day long, or if you have gotten out of your pajamas and had a rocky start to the day, to give up on outside clothes and put your pajamas back on. In a society that pushes us to hustle and grind, it is important to take the time to take things slowly and prioritize rest and relaxation.

Photo of a Bundle wine glass filled with sparkling water.
Cheers to Baths and Bundle!

Coming off of a pandemic, the need for self care is higher than ever. Self care is more than bubble baths and face masks (don't get us wrong we love those too). It is also thinking about our mental health and doing things that fill our cup. We recently came upon an article that talked about the 7 different types of rest. (Seven?! Have we been doing it wrong our entire lives?) The 7 types of rest are physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, sensory, social, and creative. As board game makers, we value the importance of connection through play, and it was heartening to read this article and realizing how many types of rest playing a Bundle can fulfill.

Photo of a cat sleeping. It looks like he is holding an Act It Out card in his paws.
Artie is feeling particularly zen

When you take a break and play a Bundle, you are taking a mental rest and putting off your to do list for a little while. You are engaging in emotional rest, because emotional rest is "a type of calm one feels when they are able to be real and authentic, sharing their inner experiences openly with others." Each Bundle is designed to bring our Bundlers closer to each other by having a place to tell stories from the past, while also having a forum to share things for the first time. It is a game that allows for conversation and explores connection to the other players as well as self discovery. Bundle is also able to give us sensory rest because we can all appreciate putting down our gadgets to connect over a good old fashioned evening of playing board games. We love being a part of your lives, and would love for you to share your favorite ways to rest and how Bundle is a part of your Pajama Day!


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