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Pets love Bundle Games and Pronk Pets!

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Artie has hungry eyes...for Bundle and Pronk! Pets

You know that our Bundle mascots, Artie and Frisbee, love a good board game. (Well, at least they love OUR board game...we can't vouch for how they feel about Monopoly or Settlers of Catan.) We spend our days (and sometimes nights) making personalized board games here at Bundle. There's something about being able to highly customize a gift that makes it so special. We enjoying spoiling our furry friends with toys, but we recently found an awesome company called Pronk! Pets where you can customize your pet toys! Pictured here is Artie being very protective of his gnome friend from Pronk! Pets. Gnome is his new favorite little buddy and he loves to play with him and give him all the cuddles.

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Frisbee looking a little coy while chewing his Pronk!Pet

Don't worry, Frisbee does not get left out of the action. Frisbee is such an active puppy and he needs chew toys that are durable - bonus points if they are quirky and unique like Pronk! Pets. So whether Frisbee is feeling frisky and wants to play or teething and needing to get his chewing game on, he can spend time with his gnome friend. Not to be confused with Artie's gnome friend - Pronk! Pets have a collection of both dog and cat toys. They also have a special collection of toys that are made in the USA, including a football that is berry scented just in time for football season!

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With the holiday season fast approaching (how is it September already?!) make sure you order your customized board game to make sure you have plenty of time to fill out your Bundle Blueprint and receive your game for all of the holiday festivities. And be sure to order some Pronk! Pets for stocking stuffers for your furry family members - Frisbee and Artie certainly approve.


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