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Recap of 90s Con 2023!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Two women in a 90s decorated bedroom There are bright, beautiful colors and the women are sitting on bean bags.
We are Thirty AF!

We had such a rad weekend going back in time for 90s Con 2023. We loved seeing old friends, making new ones, and playing Bundle: 90s Edition Live onstage with our celebrity guests. Our guests were a surprise to us and we were so excited to be joined by Jenna Leigh Green (she played with us last year in Sabrina vs. Boy Meets World), Jason Marsden, Marc Blucas, and Clare Kramer. Marc and Clare represented Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so naturally we named them Team Buffy. Jenna and Jason hadn't realized they worked together before, but since we did a little IMDB snooping, we uncovered that they had voiced characters in a few episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters. We suggested Team Extreme for their moniker, but Jason quipped that they should be Team Better than Buffy and that's what stuck.

Photo of Jacklyn Collier, Jason Marsden, Jenna Leigh Green, Clare Kramer, Cassie Collier, and Marc Blucas onstage at 90s Con.
Dream Team!

We picked six lucky and spirited fans from the audience to play with the celebrities and they excelled in each round. There was a particularly difficult Act It Out question for Marc where he had to act out "Double Dare." He looked at us with a pained expression and said playfully, "You've gotta be kidding me." Despite the fact that he thought it was a tricky task, Team Buffy came through for him. For the Final Bundle, both teams joined forces and performed an iconic scene from one of their favorite 90s sitcoms - Jessie Spano saying "I'm so excited...I'm so...scared." It was an epic performance.

Photo of two women in matching sunflower dresses and matching jean sunflower hats.
Cue "I am the cute one"

We have been fans of Thirty AF for quite awhile and were thrilled to meet the team in person at 90s Con. We got to buy some Thirty AF merch and have fun in their bedroom pop up. The bedroom was a celebration of all things 90s. There were lava lamps, trolls dolls, bean bags, Got Milk? advertisements and Babysitters Club books. We were living our best millennial lives.

If you want to get in on the 90s celebrations, you can order your own copy of Bundle: 90s Edition. We recommend that you play it while eating Dunkaroos, wearing slap bracelets, and making a 90s themed playlist. It'll be a totally wicked time.


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