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Redefining Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl summer custom board games Bundle
Cue *Saturday, in the park..."

When people were getting excited for Hot Girl summer, a heat wave where it felt like 104 degrees in the shade may not have been what they bargained for. Yesterday in NYC, we received an emergency notification that we should try to conserve our power consumption because of the possibility of a power outage. So while those hot summer days have their appeal, the weather is certainly not predictable, but having fun with your custom, highly personalized Bundle game is something that you can count on.

Bundle custom board game 4th of July
Red, White, Blue - and Bundle!

Something that we love about Bundle is that with its cloth board and soft bag it is easy to take it anywhere. Going on a trip and don't want to be frantically smooshing a full board game into your overnight bag? Your Bundle will fit in perfectly. Too hot to go outside because the heat wave makes you want to sit by your ultra powerful fan or AC unit all day? You can Bundle inside the comfort of your home. If you are ready to brave the heat and have some adventures outside, you can take Bundle to the pool, on a picnic, and on an endless amount of outdoor adventures - Cassie has even transported a Bundle with her in her backpack for hiking!

Bundle board game poolside Hot Girl Summer 4th of July
Bundle - the perfect poolside activity!

We hope you have a great time celebrating the 4th of July this weekend! We would love to know what you have planned. Fireworks, hot dogs (meat or soy variety), pool time - we hope it is full of adventures and joy. And if your idea of a holiday weekend adventure is staying cozy inside your home, taking naps, and playing board games - we can absolutely relate and highly encourage these activities as well. Whatever you're doing this Hot Girl Summer, have a great time connecting with the people you love, maybe while playing a Bundle.


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