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Relaxing with Bundle

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

There is a Bundle bag that says "Life celebrated, one bundle at a time" The bag is sitting on top of a bathtub with a bath bomb and bath salts next to it
Bundle and Bubbles

We are all about the hustle and we definitely like staying busy with work and play. But sometimes it's necessary to unplug, detox, and relax. We created our personalized board games as a way to connect and have fun with other people and it has been so good for our mental health.

There is a Bundle bag sitting on a windowsill overlooking the city. The most adorable cat in the world is perched next to the bag, looking off camera.
Artie thinks Bundle is the purrrfect game

We are always open to new ways to attain the ultimate level of relaxation. Playing with our pets (the Bundle mascots!) always brings us a lot of joy. Warm bubble baths, taking a walk, and watching Survivor also tops the list. We were lucky enough to make custom games for several of our favorite Survivor contestants, so we were definitely living the dream there! Making our personalized board games brings us so much joy, and it can often be relaxing to fully immerse ourselves in other people's stories. The Bundlers fill out our Bundle Blueprint, a series of questions all about them and their loved ones. There are so many heartfelt stories, funny memories, and quirky facts that people share with us.

There is a Bundle board game sitting on a table. The bag is next to the board. There are Bundle glasses filled with red wine also sitting on the table.
Wine down with Bundle

We're not big drinkers but having a glass of wine and watching a rom com is also a great way to unwind. We love rom coms so much that we even created Bundle: Rom Com Edition so that instead of just watching them on TV, we can be a more active participant in the fandom.

Maybe our next themed Bundle should be a relaxation themed edition? Name 4 of your favorite ways to relax below to inspire us to take even more time to nurture our physical and mental health.


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