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Road Trip Ready with Bundle!

There is a colorful suitcase with a Bundle game perched on top.
Bundle is an essential item on your packing list

We love the summer! It is the time of vacations, staycations, and road trips! If you're sick of hearing the kids screech "are we there yet?" from the back seat of the car, it's time to create a custom Bundle board game for your upcoming road trip.

There is a Bundle bag with a board, cards, and game pieces spilling out.
Easily packable and extremely playable

Bundle isn't a regular board game, it's a cool board game. (If you love the Mean Girls reference, you can order yourself a Mean Girls inspired Bundle.) Unlike other board games that come in a big box and are cumbersome to transport, our Bundle arrives in a tiny gray bag with a foldable board. You can easily toss your Bundle into your suitcase, backpack, or even your purse. Plus, you can even lay our Bundle board across the back seat so you can play on the go.

A cat looks up at the camera with a coy smile. He is sitting on top of a bathing suit, dress, and a Bundle.
Artie is ready for his road trip!

For your Road Trip Bundle, we will send you our Bundle Blueprint where you will answer a series of questions with your favorite, memories, traditions, and inside jokes. We will create a game with 83 custom cards (complete with photos!) for you and your travel companions.

In addition to all of your own trivia and memories, we can personalize road trip specific cards. Some of those cards could include "Name 4 of your favorite road trip snacks" and "Challenge: Sing your favorite road trip song and get your travel companions to join in."

We would love to hear about where you are headed this summer and all of your road trip adventures. To order a game for your upcoming summer fun click here. We can't wait to learn all about you and your adventure buddies!


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