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Most Unique Board Games

There is a board game on table. The board game says "Bundle -life celebrated, one bundle at a time." There is champagne, flowers, and cupcakes on the table. There are yellow streamers all over the table.
Board games bring us infinite joy!

We have always loved playing board games! When we were little, we played Candyland. As teenagers, we got very into Cranium. When we got to college, we were obsessed with Catchphrase. We have so much fun creating ultra-personalized Bundle games for our Bundlers featuring their favorite memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. We still have a passion for finding unique games for us to play. If you're here, we are assuming you like board games (almost) as much as we do, so we have compiled a list of the most unique board games.

There is a photo of a green box with gold writing that says "There's Been A Murder..A Collaborative Card Game of Death and Deduction"
Get your detective cap on... ;)

There's Been A Murder

We are big fans of the classic game of Clue. We have even dressed up like the characters for Clue themed parties. (Yes, we really are THAT cool.) Since we love cracking cases, There's Been A Murder is a perfect game for us. Set in an austere country house in 1930s England, players work together to solve the mystery and make sure that the murderer doesn't escape justice. The players cannot talk about the cards they have in their hands but only about what they have seen during play. By playing their cards and following instructions they can discover who holds the key cards, allow the detective to uncover the Murderer. To get your sleuthing skills sharpened, click here to order There's Been A Murder.

There is a black board game and in white letters "Horrified" There are pictures of a variety of unsettling monsters.
The monsters under your bed are real.


As much as we love to pretend to be gumshoes, we are pretty afraid of scary movies and don't particularly love the horror genre. However, Horrified is such a unique and fun game. In this game, you come face to face with seven fiends as you work together to rid the town of these maniacal or misunderstood creatures. The game includes high quality sculpted miniatures of Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon. If you're prepared to be Horrified, click here to order your game today.

Don't Get Got

There is a green box with yellow lines on it and the words "Don't Get Got." Someone is holding the box and only their hands and wrists are in the frame and two people are in the background smiling.
You've gotta be sneaky...

Don't Get Got is a tricky game and requires you to play it cool. You play the game at a party, over the course of an evening. Each player starts with six missions to complete. Each mission requires you to trick the players and get creative without them being too suspicious. This game can even be played while playing other games. (Be still our game loving hearts!) To order Don't Get Got click here.

There is a black box with white writing, It says "Conspiracy Theory - Trivia Board Game- The Game That Reveals the Truth" There is a triangle with a close up of an eye.
The truth is out there.

Conspiracy Theory

Who hasn't gone down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole a few times? This game takes it to a whole new level. In Conspiracy Theory, each player takes turns acting as the judge to read a card outlining a conspiracy. Then the other players choose from their own cards, competing to create the wildest, silliest, or most believable theory. Every turn, each player tries to convince the table — and more importantly the judge — that their conspiracy is the truth. To get in on the fun, click here to order Conspiracy Theory.

And hey, we are partial, but we think Bundle is the most unique board game of them all. If you want to order a game that is highly personalized to you, click here. If you're looking to relive your days as a 90s kid, you can play Bundle: 90s Edition. And if you feel summer love in the air, click here to order Bundle: Rom Com Edition. We would love to hear about your favorite board games - we are always up for a good game night!

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