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Spring Break 2019 Bundle Style

Luggage with a custom board game
Up, up, and away with Bundle!

The words "spring break" often bring to mind (at least for me) images of college students going to wild parties, drinking too much, and dancing in the sun. As a fair skinned gal who gets sunburns even while consistently applying SPF 80, these things have never been on my list of spring break activities. I spent most of my college spring breaks hanging out in the dorms catching up on work with the exception of the year that I traveled to Greece with my theatre department only to get a stomach virus the morning that we visited the theatre of Epidaurus.

So Bundle is here with spring break ideas for college students that don’t revolve around tequila shots and tanning oil. (But feel free to add those things to the mix as well if you like them.)

1.) Wanderlust Bundle Game Night

If you are staying on campus but really wish that you were traveling to Mexico with your friends for spring break, bring your favorite destination to you by having a Wanderlust Bundle Game Night. Make tacos, drink Mexican Cokes, and sure, maybe now is the time to throw in those tequila shots. Order a personalized Bundle for the night where you can act out surfing even if you can’t be there to do it in person. (It’s almost as much fun right?) You can reminisce and name 4 of the favorite trips you’ve been on, challenge yourself to pack the perfect travel bag, and make each other laugh with stories of your travel highs and lows.

2.) Family Board Game Night

If you’re headed back home and looking for things to do with your family on spring break, surprise them with a Family Bundle. Maybe your mom is the type to come at you with so many questions about your love life that you are desperate for a diversion, or your older brother is a little slow to open up and would rather spend the entire week zoned out in front of the TV. Unplug for a little and get your Bundle on; you will have fun and also look super thoughtful for finding a way to bring the family together.

3.) Night In on Vacation

Maybe you are traveling for your spring break and are ready to dance in the sun and guzzle gallons of Prosecco. After so many big nights out on vacation, you could probably use a chill night in, and Bundle is ready to give that to you. Order a game for you and your best friends where you can connect over all the most fun and exciting parts of your trip, or invite new friends that you’ve made to play this awesome custom board game that you brought along. How many people on spring break can say they brought their personalized board game with them? Yeah, that makes you cool.

What are your spring break plans? We want to hear about the fun adventures you’re having, travel plans, and the Netflix shows that you’re catching up on. As long as you don’t get stuck paying way too much money for toilet paper while all of your friends perform their Shakespeare monologues in a legendary theatre, you’ll be a step ahead of me.

Bundle love,



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