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Summer Picnics with your Favorite Board Game!

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

There is a picture of a young girl who is outside in with a bunch of trees in the background. She is smiling and looking content.
Sweet Summertime

Unofficial summer has started and the first official day of summer is Tuesday, June 21st, so we are gearing up for a summer of fun activities. Hopefully this summer will be filled with beautiful weather and there will be plenty of opportunities to bask in the sunshine (with copious amounts of SPF of course) and enjoy the fresh air. If you're planning a summer picnic, you are going to want to have lots of delicious snacks, thirst quenching beverages, and fun activities. Bundle would love to help you get your picnic on this summer with our personalized board game!

There is a young woman standing in a park in New York City. She is looking at the camera, holding a Bundle bag, and smiling.
Bundle on-the-go!

The beauty of a Bundle is that it is a soft, foldable board that comes in a drawstring bag. You can easily fit it into a backpack, tiny purse, or maybe even a really large pocket. Most board games are fun to play, but bulky to transport. We have always been huge fans of board games and were always bummed out that we couldn't easily take them on all our adventures. That's why when we created Bundle, we made sure that we could travel everywhere with it, and that it wouldn't be a burden to introduce your favorite personalized board game to as many of your friends as possible! As New Yorkers, we know how valuable living space is, so our design is also ideal for easy storage.

There is a Bundle game and bag sitting next to a pool. There is also a mask and sunscreen nearby. There is a beautiful city view in the background.
Bundle: the perfect poolside companion

Whether you're going to a family reunion, on a honeymoon, hanging out in the park, or lounging poolside, there is a Bundle for every occasion. When you order a custom Bundle game, we send you our Bundle Blueprint and you tell us all about your favorite traditions, memories, inside jokes, and even trivia about your loved ones! You can also include photos in your game to make it ultra personalized.

We would love to hear all about your plans for this summer and about all the interesting places that you will be Bundling. Make sure to pack extra SPF and plenty of snacks to maximize the fun.


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