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Engagement in Paris - Bundle Style!

Engagement in Paris, Personalized Board Game, Proposal
Bundle With a View

Here at Bundle, we love being a part of the most exciting moments of your life - we want to help you celebrate your life, one Bundle at a time! Over the past few years we have been so lucky to be a part of engagements, bachelorette parties, and weddings. We are now onto a new adventure because Jackie recently got engaged (!!!) so we get to bring on the Bundle for one of our own.

Paris Proposal, Personalized Gifts, Bundle Game. best board game
Romantic Background + Silly Faces = Ideal Photo Op

Jackie has been dating her British beau (yes, she loves the accent) for several years and they both have such an intense love for their cat, Artie (one of our Bundle mascots) that they knew they were going to get married at some point. Recently, they took a trip to Paris and Alex brought a personalized Bundle game celebrating all of their favorite memories, traditions, and inside jokes. Cassie helped with this so that Jackie wasn't making the game for her own engagement, although that would have been pretty on brand. For the Final Bundle Card, the question read "Will You Marry Me?" and Jackie said, "OUI!" (Okay, she actually just cried and laughed and screamed a bunch and then managed to say yes but you get the idea.)

Engagement ring, Proposal, Dreams, Custom Game, Bundle games
Bling - A - Ling

Jackie's engagement ring was created by SPUR Jewelry. Spur is a female founded company and is focused on sustainability, ethically sourcing materials, and creating meaningful connections between generations. For Jackie's ring, Spur used an emerald from Alex's family, the onyx from the Collier family, and a diamond that Spur found at an estate sale. The team at Spur Jewelry is so wonderfully creative and every piece they work on (necklaces, bracelets, broaches, earrings - you name it!) is personalized to each client. You know that here at Bundle we are all about customization with our Bundle Blueprint, and we love that the team at Spur are kindred spirits with this in their creative process.

We are excited for our Bundle bachelorette and wedding coming up and look forward to continuing to celebrate with our brides and grooms to be! We also promise to take adorable photos of both Frisbee and Artie in their doggy tuxedo and kitty bowtie. We promise you they love it, as well as the copious amounts of treats they get afterwards. ;)


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