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Virtual New Year's Eve Activities

New Year's Eve activities, Ball drop, New Year's Resolution
Pop the bubbly for New Year's Eve with Bundle!

Even though we are gathering in person more this year, we spent a year and a half figuring out how to socialize virtually, so we don't want to completely let this skill set go to waste. Sure, New Year's Eve can be fun for getting dressed up, going out to a crowded bar or party, and getting your drink on. It can also be overly crowded, slightly overwhelming, and expensive. Bundle is happy to make you a virtual game that will help keep your New Year's Eve cozy and connected.

New Year 2022, New Year's Eve, New Year New Goals, New Year's Resolution
First New Year's Eve after we created Bundle - can't explain the outfits ;)

Your Virtual New Year's Eve celebration can be filled with a lot of excitement and activities -- all without leaving your home.

Step 1: (this should come as no surprise) order your virtual personalized Bundle game that you can play with all of your guests to get the conversation flowing and the laughter going.

Step 2: Make it a theme party. Yes, it's tempting if you are going to be at home to opt to make this a pajama party. But let's elevate the evening a little bit here. Not that we are fashionistas by any means (proof here of our NYE outfits from 2018) but if you make it a dress up party it's a great excuse for your friends to get all dolled up...but still be able to wear comfy shoes. You're welcome.

Step 3: Celebrate across multiple time zones. Making the party virtual allows you to celebrate with friends all over the country (and the world!) so you have multiple reasons to show extreme excitement throughout the evening.

Step 4: Curate a special cocktail and menu for all of your guests so that even though you will be in separate physical locations it will still feel like you are in one place. Except no line for the bathroom.

Step 5: Watch the ball drop. Okay, so this isn't the most original thing to do but it's still fun and you don't have to be in Times Square in the cold and lamenting that you didn't get to go to the bathroom beforehand. (Are you seeing a theme here that bathroom access is vital?)

New Year's celebration, fun, board games, custom games, celebration
Pop the champage, get the confetti - 2022 we are ready!

Have you made your plans for New Year's Eve for this year yet? What has been your favorite New Year's Eve to date? When playing our custom virtual Bundle you will get to reveal plenty of your favorite New Year's Eve memories, traditions, and inside jokes. You will share your New Year's Resolutions and and share your goals - maybe you will even feel more accountable to make them happen.

Or maybe none of this will happen and you will just get the countdown clock going and be playing Bundle and laughing so hard that you nearly pee your pants - but you won't because your bathroom won't have a waiting line. Have we convinced you yet? Click here to order your game and tell us about all the plans you have coming up for the end of this year and beyond!


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