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Wedding Ready with Bundle!

There is a picture of two beautiful brides popping bottles of champange and celebrating with their friends.
Love is in the air!

Wedding season is here and we are excited for a summer full of celebrations of love. Wedding registries are so helpful because you can get the couple exactly what they want and need, and each time they use your thoughtful gift in their home they will think of you. However, sometimes between a lot of the practical gifts like dishes, cookware, wine glasses, the couple may not realize the sentimental and fun keepsake that they will cherish for years to come - a personalized Bundle game. (You knew that's where we were going with that, right?)

There is a pair of white heels and a bouquet of beautiful pale pink roses.
Wedding season is here!

If you want to surprise the couple with a custom game all about them and their relarionship, you can order Couple Bundle here. You fill out our Bundle Blueprint with all of your favorite quirks, memories, and photos of the couple and we make a game all about them. Each of the 83 cards is personalized to the couple so it is like a living memory book....but even more fun because you can relive memories, share stories, and even discover new things about each other. It is the perfect game to play for a date night or to celebrate an anniversary.

There is a photo of seven women playing a Bundle board game. They are wearing flower crowns and drinking champange with a beautiful city view of London behind them.
Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower Fun!

If you think the couple might want to create their own game, you can always gift them the Bundle and they can fill out the Bundle Blueprint themselves to make sure all of their favorite stories make it into the game. (We promise it won't spoil the surprise! ;)) They may even want to include photos of their big day in the Bundle. If you're doing any other wedding related celebrations like a bridal shower or bachelorette party, a Bundle is the perfect activity to bring your group together,

We know weddings (and everything that goes with them) can get pretty expensive, so we are giving you 10% all our custom games with the code WEDDINGSEASON. We would love to see all the wardrobe inspiration you have for your coming events, we could definitely use some suggestions for all of our upcoming weddings. Happy love season and have a great time celebrating!


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