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Wedding Season Ready

Updated: May 24, 2023

Photo of a Bundle board game on a white table with gold streamers around the table, a drink, and a cupcake.
Make a custom game for your best friend's wedding!

Wedding season is on the way and we are excited to celebrate all summer long! Ever since we were little kids, the Colliers have always been big on weddings. Of course we love love, but we also really love a dance floor (and our brother loves an open bar!). It is meaningful to us to purchase a gift for the couple from their registry, but we often love to also give them the gift of a personalized board game all about their relationship.

Photo of a young woman in a white dress, wearing a white fascinator, holding a Bundle game, and pointing to a cut out of her fiance's face.
Our friend (and beautiful bride to be) Kassie!

A custom board game for the couple is a completely unique gift that will serve as a living keepsake and a fun activity. You will fill out our Bundle Blueprint with all of the information about the couple (or you could get one pair of the couple in on the surprise and have them fill out their Bundle Blueprint as well!).

We take that information and make an ultra customized game with their memories, traditions, inside jokes, and photos. Questions could include an Act It Out card that reads "First Date" a Challenge card that says "In as much detail as possible, tell your proposal story." A Name 4 card encourages the players to "Name 4 qualities that you love about your partner." Of course, with all of the information shared on the Bundle Blueprint we can make the cards extremely specific, which makes them resonate with the couple even more. (And makes the game a lot more touching and funny!)

Photo of a Bundle on a balcony with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
Honeymoon Bundle, anyone?

A Honeymoon Bundle is a great way for the couple to engage after all of the chaos and adventure of their wedding. Reminiscing about their favorite memories and dreaming about the future while playing our game brings a level of intimacy and joy into a low key night. Especially with the flurry of activity around wedding planning, it is so necessary to take the time to decompress and connect. It gives the couple a holding space to celebrate all of their favorite moments of their wedding and their relationship as a whole.

We hope that you will include Bundle in your wedding celebrations this summer. We wish we could be on the dance floor with you, but making you a custom board game is the next best thing.


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