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Who's Your Daddy? Father's Day with Bundle

Updated: May 15, 2022

Photo of 4 people smiling for the camera. There is two young women, a young man, and their dad. They are standing in a parking lot in front of several cars with trees in the background.
Who's Your Daddy? This one is ours. :)

We grew up in a sports family. Our dad and mom coached our basketball teams, our dad taught us how to play poker, and most family trips revolved around a sporting event. It's inevitable that we have a strong love of games of all kinds. When we first created Bundle, it was because we wanted a game to celebrate our family and all of our quirks, inside jokes, memories, and traditions. With Father's Day fast approaching (Sunday, June 19th!) we would love to make a personalized game all about the dad or father figure in your life.

There is a photo of a Bundle bag with the word Bundle and "life celebrated, one bundle at a time" There is a Sam Adams beer next to it.
Beer and a Bundle

To make a custom game all about your favorite dad, you can order your personalized Bundle here. You (and anyone else who wants to get in on the fun!) fill out our Bundle Blueprint and share all of your favorite stories and photos. Each of the 83 cards is custom written, making for an ultra-personalized gift for dad. If you're wanting to create a special event, you can treat your dad to his favorite dinner, dessert, and beverage. A beer and a Bundle are the perfect combination!

A family of four taking a walk through the woods. They are facing away from the camera. There is a mother in a black dress holding a baby. The father is walking a few steps ahead with a toddler.
Let's hear it for the dads!

Playing a Bundle all about your dad or husband will give you chance to laugh at all of his favorite dad jokes, talk about what makes him such a great role model, and tell stories about his life and all of the adventures that come with fatherhood. If you're wondering just how we would personalize a game all about your family, you can e-mail us at or direct message us on Instagram @thebundlegame and we will e-mail you a few personalized cards. You can also watch our Bundle commercial with the Frederick Family here.

We hope you have a fun Father's Day filled with joy, laughter, and copious amounts of dad jokes.


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