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International Day of Friendship

There are two women smiling at the camera and hugging each other. They are wearing jean jackets and clearly loving life.
Sisters, business partners, and best friends!

The United Nations is responsible for declaring the International Day of Friendship, which will be celebrated on July 30th. Friends who are like family, good friends, and yes, even frenemies are celebrated on this special day. While we probably won't be making a frenemies Bundle anytime soon (unless there's a demand because we will give the people what they want) we value friendship and would love to help you make a Bundle for your best friends for the International Day of Friendship.

Photo of seven people smiling at the camera. They are standing at a counter and there is  Bundle game laid out. They are holding Bundle cards and a Bundle bag.
The Prado cousins are family and best friends!

How do we create your Best Friend Bundle? You order your game here, and then we send you our Bundle Blueprint. Our Bundle Blueprint is a series of questions where you share your favorite memories, traditions, friendship trivia, and inside jokes. We take all of your information and create 83 personalized cards all about you and your best friends. Some will be funny and silly, others heartfelt, and a few will be challenging, You can even include photos of your friend group for the ultimate personalization experience. Looking for a treasured keepsake and a fun game rolled into one? We have got you covered with Best Friend Bundle.

There are eight women smiling at the camera. They are holding a Bundle board with Christmas colors of red, green, and candy cane red and white. One woman is holding a red Bundle bag while a few others hold Bundle cards,
Friends with a shared love of board games and Hallmark Christmas movies.

Some of these holidays can feel a little bit made up. (I'm looking at you, National Twinkie Day, on April 6th). But friendship is so necessary to our happiness and health, and it truly isn't celebrated enough. Whether you're celebrating International Day of Friendship with your best friends that you see all the time, your high school friends, or your long distance besties with a virtual Bundle, we can make the perfect game for you.


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